5 things not to do when running a small business

5 things not to do when running a small business

Running a small business, or any business for that matter, is never easy. There will have many ups-and-downs along the way – but it’s the ‘downs’ that can be the most problematic as they can cause the running of your business to come to a stop until they are fixed. Here’s a few tips on what not to do when running your business.

Don’t forget why you wanted to start a business in the first place

Before you got your business up and running, there had to be a reason why you wanted to start it.
Reminding yourself of this reason, especially when you feel like giving up, is important in helping you stay motivated and keep your small business cogs turning.

Don’t try to do everything yourself

While running a small business means you do a lot yourself and often don’t have the finances to hire a team of employees, that doesn’t mean you have to do absolutely everything yourself.
Finding someone who can assist in filling a competency or capacity gap, or even just a second pair of hands to lighten the load, can go a long way in making the running of your small business just that little bit smoother.

Don’t stop evolving

Change is normal and can be a great thing for your business. As your business evolves, there will be natural times for you to make improvements or changes within your business. This may be market trends or new best practice methods. For your business to remain relevant to your customers, and efficient from an operations perspective, it’s important to have a mindset that change is a good thing, and is a natural dynamic for your business to evolve into a better version of itself.

Don’t underestimate the competition

The competition is what should drive you to do better, be better, and continuously provide excellent customer service to customers and clients alike—current and future.
Doing this will help with the running of your business as it will keep you motivated and determined to be the best you can possibly be, a cut above the rest, and keep customers/clients coming to you.

Don’t hide from unhappy customers

Hiding from unhappy customers is never a good idea because, although it may sting to know that a customer was unhappy with your work, it can help you improve and do better in the future.
Taking on a customer complaint, which, at best, is simply constructive criticism, can help you run your small business better as you will be listened to and acknowledged what the customer has said, rectified the problem, and taken it in your stride to do better in the future.

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