Business card stamp design

business card stamp

Using a custom rubber stamp for producing business cards not only looks great but can also be a highly economical option. Not being tied in to any one paper stock type also means you’re free to mix it up with different materials as you see fit. Below are some of our tips to consider if you’re looking at making a business card stamp.

business card stamp

Business card stamp dimensions

There’s no hard and fast rules with business card sizes, however the standard business card dimensions tend to be 3.5 x 2 inches or 9 x 5cm.
In terms of the custom rubber stamps that we produce at Woodruff and Co, that equates to a size Large.

business card stamp

Design considerations

Consider using both sides of the card, i.e. your logo on one side and contact details on the reverse.
You can check out some of the business card stamp designs we’re liking at our Pinterest board here.

business card stamp

Purchasing blank business cards

There’s a lot of options for stock you can apply your stamp to, from hand cut recycled paper, to more professional multi-layered thick card. Some printers will allow you to purchase un-printed card stock, however after contacting Snap Printing and Officeworks, we’ve found this problematic. Their process is normally to laser print on to A3 or A4 sheets, and then cut to business card size. Prices they’ve quoted have been the same as the printed price! You may have more luck with smaller neighbourhood printers.
Another option is to purchase thick card stock and then use a guillotine to cut yourself.
When purchasing card stock, make sure that the paper is uncoated (otherwise the ink will smudge) and not too coarse (otherwise the ink may bleed).
If you have some time up your sleeve, you can purchase 600 blank business cards for $24USD from AliExpress with free shipping to Australia. Estimated delivery time… 15-45 days

business card stamps

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