Caring for your custom rubber stamps

caring for your custom rubber stamps

Custom rubber stamps are an investment. Whatever your reason for purchasing your stamp, you’ve put time and money into buying one. To get the most from your investment, you’ll want to keep your stamp in top condition by keeping it clean.
The benefits of cleaning custom rubber stamps:
1. Extended life of the stamp- a clean and well-cared for stamp will last longer
2. Clean, crisp image created every time- Dried ink will blur the image
3. Free from dirt and dust- Dried ink attracts dust

Cleaning Solutions

There are several different solutions you can use to clean your custom rubber stamp, depending upon the type of ink used. Most inks, including water-based and pigment inks, can be easily cleaned off using soapy water. Ordinary dish washing detergent can be used.
For dye inks and other permanent inks, you will want to use a commercial cleaning solutions. You can use standard household cleaners, but your best bet is to buy special stamp cleaning solution. We use the Tsukineko StazOn All-Purpose Stamp Cleaner. In the long run, these solutions provide the best cleaning and protection for your stamp.

cleaning custom rubber stamps

Cleaning Aids

Once you have a cleaning solution, you’ll need a good cleaning aid. One easy option is an ordinary two sided, household sponge. Another option is purchasing a stamp scrubber. These cleaning aids are made specifically for cleaning custom rubber stamps.
In addition to these aids, you may also want to keep a toothbrush handy so that you can clean deeply in the grooves and crevices within the face of the stamp. Finally, you may want to keep baby wipes or hand wipes (alcohol and lanolin-free) nearby. Wipes can be useful for preliminary cleaning.

Tips for Cleaning Custom Rubber Stamps

  • Stay away from alcohol, oil-based cleaners, acetone, or bleach. These chemicals will cause the rubber to dry and crack.
  • Avoid using hot water for extended periods of time, if at all. Hot water, like alcohol, will cause the rubber to dry and crack.
  • Do not immerse your stamp in water. Doing so can cause the rubber to separate from the mount. Immersing in water can also damage a wooden mount.
  • Spritz the cleaning solution onto the rubber, or soak the cleaning aid in the solution.
  • Read manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Once you’ve cleaned your stamp, use it on scrap paper. If the stamp still imprints an image, clean it again.
  • Make sure your custom rubber stamps are dry before storing so that stamps will not mold.
  • Mineral oil can be applied to the rubber to help keep it soft and pliable.


Clean custom rubber stamps produce clean images

Keeping your stamp clean and in good working order will produce clean images each and every time. A clean image is the purpose of owning a custom rubber stamp, especially if you use that stamp for your business brand.

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