Custom paper tape coming soon

Custom paper tape coming soon

For an online store, your packaging is likely the first tangible way your customers will experience your brand. With a little bit of custom branding, you can create a memorable first impression.

We’ve always felt that custom tape is a great way to customise packaging, and we also know the minimum order quantity for our poly tape might not work for everybody. So, when we discovered paper tape we immediately began working on a custom option that can be printed in small quantities… and we’re so excited to tell you that we’re almost there!

Here’s what we can tell you about our soon-to-be-launched custom paper packing tape:

☝️ Low minimum order. Probably the most exciting bit! Unlike our poly tape, we’re using a print production method that doesn’t require expensive plate production. Meaning you’ll be able to order as little as one single roll of custom paper tape. Each roll is 45 metres in length – similar to a roll of clear packing tape found in office supplies stores.

Keeping it simple. To start, the options will be really simple. Your custom tape will come in one colour (natural kraft) and printed with a single colour (black). We’re working on making more colour printing options available, and printing onto white tape too.

⏱️ Quick turnaround. We’re producing in-house, which means we’ll be able to ship your custom tape within two business days from artwork approval. Orders will sent Express Post.

Affordable. As a small business ourselves, we know that budgets are tight. Custom paper tape will start at $29 (plus shipping) with tiered discounts planned if you buy multiple rolls. We want to make customising your packaging affordable, no matter the size of your business.

♻️ Sustainable. Water activated tape is made primarily of paper so is recyclable at curbside, repulpable and completely biodegradable. 

So… what is paper tape, and how do I use it?

Put simply, it’s a strong paper tape backed with a permanent adhesive that doesn’t become sticky until you wet it. It’s sometimes known as water-activated tape or gummed tape. If you’ve ever received something from Amazon, you’ll have seen paper tape in use.

To use water-activated paper tape, you can use a simple sponge (the most cost effective method, if you’re shipping a handful of boxes per day). For higher volumes, there are various water-activated tape dispensers your can use, and we’ll have more detail for you on those once we launch.

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