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Custom or pre-designed paper tape is a great eco-firendly option for making your packaging stand out. All our paper tape uses a vegetable based adhesive, is completely biodegradable and suitable to be recycled in curb-side recycling bins. 

To activate the adhesive in paper tape, use a damp sponge, spray bottle (with water) or alternatively for higher volume packing you may choose to use a water-activated tape dispenser.

Gummed water-activated paper tape is a stronger than it looks, suitable for sealing boxes up to 15kg in total weight. The tape has a porous surface, making it suitable for use with a rubber custom stamp.

Why should I choose paper tape?

Apart from looking great, water activated paper tape, also known as WAT or gummed paper tape is a more environmentally conscious decision for packing your goods. Paper tape adheres to your cardboard box carton to provide a secure seal and can be easily recycled.

How much weight can paper tape take?

Our paper tape is super strong, and can handle cartons up to 15kg in weight - strong enough for most parcels.

How do I recycle paper packing tape?

As paper tape is made from just paper, and a vegetable based adhesive, it can be easily recycled in household recycling bins that take cardboard. No need to seperate the tape from the cardboard box.

How to I activate the adhesive?

The vegetable based adhesive in our paper tape is made from potato starch and can be easily "activated" with water. We provide a suitable sponge with all orders, while some people prefer to use a water spray bottle. If you are shipping larger volumes, consider a water activated tape dispenser, we sell a number of different options here.

Is paper tape secure?

When activated with water, the adhesive in paper tape bonds with cardboard boxes. In doing so, it becomes stronger and more tamper-proof than standard poly tape.

What's the difference between custom paper tape and pre-designed paper tape?

We've worked with some great local designers such as Twinewood Studio Joel "the guy on the yacht" Pringle and Cody Wood to produce a range of pre-designed tape that's available in half rolls of only 45m. If you have your own design that you would like to use for tape, then our custom paper tape is a great option, available in single roll lengths of 90m.

Do you sell plain/blank water activated paper tape?

Yep! Our plain water activated tape is available in kraft (brown) or white and comes on rolls of 184m. You can use it by itself, or with a custom rubber stamp.

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