Custom rubber stamps for your small business or creative project.

Shortlisting our favourite custom rubber stamps certainly has been a difficult task! In the short period since we’ve launched we’ve been fortunate to work with some great brands with awesome logos. It’s worth mentioning that not all great logos by default lend themselves well to a customer rubber stamp. Below are a selection of brands who we feel stand out as translating well in to a stamp format.

Canteen Social

Canteen Social is a new cafe about to launch in Brisbane in coming weeks. We love the impactful, bold nature of their custom rubber stamps which we’re told will be used for takeaway coffee cups and paper bags.

The Local Cafe

custom rubber stamps
The Local Cafe is a recently launched cafe in Ballarat who were looking for a custom rubber stamp for use on their packaging and as a takeaway coffee cup stamp. Their stamp is a great example of the level of clarity that can be delivered wth a custom rubber stamp, and the use of white space between the inner brand name and the outer ring results in this being a highly impactful design – one of our favourites.

Little Monkey Moos

custom rubber stamps
Not all stamps need to be lettering, and this illustration from Little Monkee Moos is a great example of that. Little Monkee Moos specialise in kids decor, design and art, and this stamp showcases one of their designs translated in to a completely different medium.

Homegrown Sauce Company custom rubber stamps

custom rubber stamps
The Homegrown Sauce Company makes amazing (we can say from experience!!) South American style Chilean Aji Salsa. Their custom rubber stamps are an example of a strong, bold logo that translates well in stamp format, to be used on packaging and invoices.

Milkhouse Kurnell

custom rubber stamps
Finally is Milkhouse Kurnell who were one of the first custom rubber stamps we worked on for this cafe in NSW. Milkhouse specialises in home made ice-cream and ice-cream sandwiches . We love the mix of contemporary styled logo with a wood grain block and old-school custom rubber stamps!

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