Canva is a great resource for creating a design. If you're ordering a custom product with a design create on Canva, please download the file type PDF Print. Click here for instructions for creating your first design in Canva. 

Yes, but with some restrictions! 

We print in sections of 25cm, and this includes a 2mm unprintable margin area on the top and bottom of the paper tape, as well as on either end of each 25cm section. This means your design cannot extend all the way to the edges, and to create the appearance of a repeating pattern, you need to also allow at least 4mm gap between each element of your pattern.

Unless you specify otherwise, we'll repeat your design evenly spaced across the printable area of the tape, with a default horizontal layout. 

If you have particular formatting, logo size, spacing or any other specific relating to the design, please include the specifics in the 'Order Notes' at checkout so we can create your artwork proof accordingly. 

We'll only produce your paper tape once you have approved your artwork proof.

Developing or editing designs isn't included in our pricing. We'll do our best to help where possible, however we don't offer a design service.

If you need changes to your artwork to make it suitable for one of our custom products, talk to your graphic designer about creating your logo in a format that's in line with the Artwork Specs listed for the relevant product [these are found on the product page].

No, a stamp can only achieve a single colour print, and to produce your rubber stamp or embosser we need a black and white only version of your design. Don't have your image in black and white? Contact the original designer of your logo or artwork and request one. 

If that's not possible, you may need to engage another designer to create a simplified, single colour version of your design. For further detail on artwork requirements, please also see the Artwork Specs listed for the relevant product [these are found on the product page].

Designs should only be uploaded that you created and/or control all necessary rights to. We do not accept artwork that could be considered offensive, including violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive images.

The best designs for a paper embosser are very simple with bold detailing - icons or monograms work really well. You can see lots of examples of embossers we've made on our Instagram highlights.

If you're still unsure how well your design will translate into a paper embosser, contact us with your design and intended embosser size, so we can take a look and let you know.

Once you've selected your stamp size, we scale your design proportionally to fit the maximum height and/or width for that particular size [so it may not fill both the width and height stated]. Measurements refer to the printed area of the stamp.

For more detail on artwork requirements, please see the Artwork Specs listed for that product.

When sending an Adobe Illustrator file to someone else, they'll only be able to view the artwork as you intended if they've either installed the fonts you've used, or if you've converted your fonts to outlines. 

To convert fonts to outlines (also sometimes called objects), follow the below steps:

Choose the 'selection tool'

Control click, or right click on your text

Select 'Create Outlines'

Make sure this step is followed for all fonts within the design.

We prefer to work with original vector images for all our custom products, saved as an ai, eps or pdf file. If you are providing a vector file, please make sure all fonts are converted to outlines/objects.

We can also accept JPG, PNG, GIF and TIF files provided they are single colour [ideally black] and high resolution [at least 300 dpi].

You do! Your artwork will always remain your property. By uploading an image through our service, you are in no way transferring the rights for that image over to us. Any design upload to this site is the property of its original creator which means you must control the rights to any design you send to Woodruff and Co.

By the nature of our service, you are granting Woodruff and Co permission to manufacture a product from your design for the express purpose of fulfilling your order.

Rubber stamps

Our custom rubber stamps are made from high quality photopolymer and can, when used gently and properly cared for, last a long time. To maximise the life of your stamp, be sure to:

Store it in a cool, dry spot - away from direct sunlight and excess heat as these can weaken or warp your stamp.

Clean you stamp after each use with a clean damp cloth [a good quality chamois works well as it won't leave any lint on your stamp] or a no-alcohol baby wipes also work well. Don't use any cleaning chemicals on your stamp as this will damage the polymer.

Be sure to only use reputable, high-quality water based inks with your stamp. Polymer stamps can be damaged by solvent or oil based inks, as these can degrade the polymer. 

Gentle use will help prolong the life of your stamp - pressing too heavily or rough use can damage your stamp over time.

For our traditional stamps, we offer ink pads in black, blue, green and red. 

For reference below are the closest colour matches in Pantone and CMYK: 

Blue: Pantone Blue 2747 C | C 100, M 88, Y 0, K 5

Green: Pantone 334 C | C 100, M 0, Y 60, K 3 

Red: Pantone Red 032 C | C 0, M 90, Y 86, K 0

Keep in mind that the surface you're stamping on will impact the exact colour you end up with (the above colours are the closest match when stamped on standard white paper.

For a larger range of ink pad colours, try your local arts and crafts store. We like ink pads by Tsukineko, as they’re high quality and come in a large range of colours.

Our stamps are primarily designed to use with ink pads on paper, card, fabric, timber, and more.

For making an impression into soap, we'd suggest checking out either Firefly Giftware or Snip & Stamp - both Australian small businesses that make stamps that might better suit.

Our stamps are primarily designed to use with ink on paper, cardboard, etc. Some of our stamps have been successfully used to imprint onto polymer clay - you can see more detail on this our how-to guide for stamping polymer clay.

Your traditional stamp can be used on a range of surfaces, including timber.

Keep in mind that untreated wood has a porous surface, so your ink may bleed. It's always good idea to practice first when stamping directly onto wood or other unknown surfaces for the first time. Because of this, simple, bold designs will work best [avoid fine detailing and small text].

For stamping timber, we'd suggest StazOn ink - it's designed for non-porous surfaces (including painted or varnished timber) and also works on raw timber. However please note that this is a solvent ink and is known to damage polymer stamps over time - so be sure to clean your stamp after you're done to reduce the risk of this occurring.

It’s easier than you think! Here are our top tips for stamping coffee cups.

1. Make sure your custom stamp is not too large. We recommend our Medium stamp, which is 5cm and fits comfortably on standard takeaway cup sizes.
2. To apply, simply ‘roll’ the stamp along the surface of the cup. See the below clip from one of our customers, demonstrating the technique.
3. Don’t press too hard! A well-inked stamp, and a light roll onto the cup should do the job.

Traditional stamps can be used on multiple surfaces, including fabric. Here's a few things to consider before you get started:

The type of fabric you're planning to stamp will impact your result. Fabric is generally more porous than paper, which means you may see some of ink bleed into the fibres of the fabric, the extent of this depends on the specific qualities of your fabric [thread count, density, etc]. Fine, tightly woven fabric will work best.

Your stamp design will also impact the finished result. Ink tends to bleed more on fabric than paper or cardboard, so stamp designs with fine detail (such as small text, fine lines or dots) may blur when stamping on fabric. For best results stamping fabric, keep your design bold and simple. 

Finally, consider the ink you use to stamp fabric. Our basic ink pads can work well on fabric, but the ink isn't waterproof so the print will run or fade if the fabric is washed. To make a permanent print, use fabric ink and heat-set once it's dry to make a permanent, washable print with your stamp.

We recommend our Medium custom rubber stamp for stamping takeaway coffee cups. This size fits comfortably on standard takeaway coffee cups, and is relatively easy to apply. If your stamp is too wide, it can be tricky to apply onto a curved surface.

Not sure how your design will look scaled to 5cm? Feel free to get in touch with your design and we can help!

Our traditional stamps can be used with almost any high-quality water based ink, and the advantage of a traditional stamp is that you can pick and choose and use different colours or types of ink depending on the surface you're stamping. Ensure you do not use an oil or solvent based ink for traditional stamps as this will damage the stamp.

Our ink pads are dye-based and made from high quality, acid-free and quick-drying archival ink. The ink is smear resistant after drying, but not waterproof. It's suitable for multiple uses, provided your surface has a porous surface for the ink to dry. 

We recommend using only high quality inks with your traditional stamp. Some types of ink, such as alcohol-based ink can easily damage the polymer over time. 

Paper packing tape

While it's not in use, we recommend storing your tape in an airtight container. This is particularly important if you live in a hot, tropical climate, as humidity can cause the adhesive to activate, resulting in your tape sticking together on the roll.

Our printing process for custom paper tape has some limitations around maximum ink coverage. If ink coverage is too high, then the paper can become too wet and there is the risk of image smudging when printing.

When creating your artwork, please allow a maximum of 20% ink coverage i.e. on average only 20% of the tape should contain ink.

Our custom paper packing tape is 60mm wide (that's slightly wider than a typical roll of clear packing tape found in stationary stores. Each roll of custom tape is 90 metres in length, or 100m for our bulk paper tape.

In short, no. 

Paper tape requires the addition of water to the underside of the tape to activate the adhesive and this is achieved by dampening the underside of the tape. If you're shipping low volumes, a simple sponge will do the job. 

For higher volumes you may consider one of our Water Activated Tape Dispensers.

We wanted to make custom paper tape accessible to everyone. So, there's no minimum - you can order as little as one roll of custom paper tape (each roll is 90 metres in length).

We also apply a discount when you order in larger quantities - the more rolls you purchase, the greater the discount!

Woodruff and Co paper tape is stronger than it looks! Our non-reinforced tape is suitable for packages weighing up to 15kg and our fibreglass reinforced paper tape is suitable for parcels up to 25kgs! 

Water activated tape bonds with the fibres of cardboard boxes with just one strip, for a more secure seal than traditional packing tape.

Most regular clear packing tape is known in the industry as pressure activated poly tape, or polypropylene (PP) tape. It's a popular way of sealing mailing boxes or cartons and requires pressure to adhere to a carton's surface. 

Paper tape on the other hand, requires the addition of water to activate the adhesive which forms a permanent bond with the fibres of your cardboard box.

Poly tape can be customised, however due to the flexographic printing process and plate production costs, it requires large volumes (36 rolls) to be economical.

Our custom paper tape uses a different printing process, meaning it can be customised in much smaller quantities - as little as 45 metres (1 roll).

Finally, while poly tape can be recycled, cross contamination with cardboard can cause challenges at recycling plants. Paper tape, on the other hand, is 100% recyclable at curbside, along with your cardboard box.

Water activated paper tape is very simple to use once you get the hang of it! 

1. Cut a strip of tape to your desired length.

2. Dampen the adhesive side with a wet sponge. It doesn't need to be soaked - just enough to make the underside sticky. Make sure the whole length of your tape is wet - any patches that aren't wet won't become sticky. 

3. Apply the tape to your packaging and smooth down. Water-activated paper tape is not suitable for use on coated or glossy surfaces (e.g. poly mailers, glossy boxes, etc) as the water activated adhesive needs a porous surface to effectively dry and permanently bond with the fibres of the cardboard, creating a super secure seal.

For small volumes of carton sealing, the sponge method of applying water to paper tape is a very economical option. If you're shipping higher volumes, a tape dispenser may help speed things up. We've researched a LOT of options for paper tape dispensers, and here are the two we recommend.

1. Venhart Water Activated Tape Dispenser VH480

The VH480 Water Activated Tape Dispenser is a great entry level and affordable option for businesses shipping small to medium volumes. We use this one here at Woodruff and Co HQ! Your roll of tape simply passes over a fabric roller which applies water from a channel underneath. It has a sturdy metal body construction  a fine toothed blade for easy, and rubber feet. Designed for dispensing gummed paper tape up to 80mm wide. 

2. Better Pack 333 Manual Water-Activated Tape Dispenser

An awesome heavy duty option for medium volumes. The Better Pack 333 doesn't require any power, so you can move it around your studio/office. Choose a selection of paper lengths, crank the leaver, release and a water activated strip of paper tape comes shooting out. This is the world's most popular water activated tape dispenser for a good reason!

Pre-inked stamps

Our pre-inked stamps are easily refilled. You'll know it's time to top up your ink when your stamp consistently prints lighter [almost grey]. 

To top up your ink: 

1. Remove the lid from your pre-inked stamp.

2. Add 3-5 drops of Shiny Eminent Speed Ink [in the original colour of your stamp] in each channel. It's important to not use any other type of ink - it likely won't work and can permanently damage your stamp. 

3. Replace the lid and allow some time [around 30 minutes or so] for the ink to make its way through the stamp.  

4. Test your stamp. Large stamps or designs with lots of solid area will likely need more ink, in this case repeat steps 1-3 [it's important to do this process gradually, to avoid over-inking your stamp].

See this video for an example [watch from around 1:30 for topping up a pre-inked stamp].

For our pre-inked stamps, you can choose from black, blue, green and red ink. 

For reference below are the closest colour matches in Pantone and CMYK: 

Blue: Pantone Blue 660 C | C 90, M 57, Y 0, K 0

Green: Pantone 327 C | C 100, M 0, Y 44, K 17 

Red: Pantone Red 032 C | C 0, M 90, Y 86, K 0

Keep in mind that the surface you're stamping on will impact the exact colour you end up with (the above colours are the closest match when stamped on standard white paper.

Paper embossers

The reach of an embosser is an indication the distance between the edge of the paper and your logo. The maximum reach of our embossers is 42mm from the edge of the document to the centre of your stamp. 

In addition to the reach, you'll also need to consider the optimal orientation of your paper embosser.

The orientation of your embosser refers to the direction from which you plan to stamp your material from. For example, bottom-of-page orientation is suitable for embossing from the bottom of a sheet of paper or the flap of an envelope, however you can choose to mount the plate for top, left or right embossing depending on how you plan to use it and what you're planning to emboss.

The orientation lets us know how we should assemble your embosser to ensure it's suitable for your intended purpose, and this cannot be changed once your embosser has been assembled. 

Our custom embosser is designed for use on stock up to a maximum of 220 GSM. 

It may also work on thicker stock, depending on the stock and your design, however this can wear down the dies more quickly. You'll also likely see a less defined image in the embossed impression when used on thicker stock - particularly for designs with fine detail. 

If in doubt, we can test a sample of your stock - please contact us to arrange.


You can view current estimated production times and shipping details for all products here

Turnaround times may change from time to time based on demand. We're a small, family-run business and we want to ensure your order is produced and packed with the care and attention it deserves so times can vary. We'll always do our best to ship as quickly as possible. 

We do our best to process orders as quickly as possible and to the highest quality, and will let you know once your order has shipped. We don't offer a rush service but if you let us know your deadline we'll do our best to meet it, where possible. 

If you're in a rush to receive you order, we'd suggest selecting Express Post so that once your order ships, it moves quickly through the Australia Post system.

Please keep in mind that our custom products are made to order by our small team, and to ensure a high level of quality and care in making your order, a reasonable amount of time is required to produce. 

Yes! We've recently launched international shipping. Just add the items you're wanting to your cart and start the checkout to see a shipping quote for your region.

No, we’re not able to offer collection of orders at this time. We send all orders through Australia Post, with options for regular Parcel Post or Express Post. 


We work out of our home studio, located on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, and the majority of our custom products are produced right here in Victoria.

We only offer email support only at this stage - you can send us a message by clicking the help icon on our website.

We don't have a phone number because customers usually have questions related to intricate details or artwork, and we've found these are best answered over email so we can send provide specific advice and provide links to relevant information on our website. If your question relates to artwork, don't forget to send it through with your enquiry!