Custom Poly Tape - Woodruff and Co
Custom Poly Tape - Woodruff and Co
Custom Poly Tape - Woodruff and Co
Custom Poly Tape - Woodruff and Co
Custom Poly Tape - Woodruff and Co
Custom Poly Tape - Woodruff and Co
Custom Poly Tape - Woodruff and Co
Custom Poly Tape - Woodruff and Co

Custom Poly Tape

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Custom poly packing tape is made using polypropylene (PP) material and printed using a flexography method.
Available in either 48mm or 36mm wide, choose from a clear or white base and choose your print colour from a range of twelve Pantone colours for your logo or design.
48mm wide tape comes in a case containing 36 rolls, and 36mm wide tape comes in a case of 48 rolls. Each roll is 66m in length.
If you've any special instructions for artwork layout, please advise when placing your order. We'll email you a proof to approve which will show how we intend to print your tape, prior to production.
Price includes freight. Available in Australia only.
Please provide single colour artwork file, in vector form (ai, eps or print-ready PDF is ideal).

How should I design my custom printed packing tape?

If you (or your designer) are using Adobe Illustrator to design your tape, you can download our template, follow the instructions and upload as a .ai or PDF when you place your order.
Alternatively, we’ll do the layout of your logo or design for you. Be sure to let us know any special instructions when you place your order (you can add these into the Order Notes at checkout). Before your tape is printed, we’ll email you an artwork proof to approve, which will show how we intend to print your tape.
Please provide single colour artwork file, in vector form (ai, eps or print-ready PDF is ideal with fonts outlined).

How should I provide artwork for my stamp?

The better the quality of your original image, the better the image will be in your finished stamp!
With this in mind, the ideal file is a black and white only (no shades of grey) vector image, such as a AI or EPS file. If you don’t have a vector file, please provide a high resolution png or jpg/jpeg, we will convert it into a vector image – this is what we’ll use to produce your stamp. We’ll get the best result from a file that’s at least 1000px wide or high, with high contrast images like a logo, text, or icon.
Please note that if you’re providing original vector artwork that contains font-based text, please ensure all fonts are first converted to outlines, to avoid any unexpected font changes when opening your file at our end. To do this in Illustrator, select the text, right-click and select ‘create outlines’.

Can a multi-colour design be used to produce a stamp? No, we cut your design from a single-colour material and a stamp can only achieve a single-colour print. If you don’t have a black and white only version of your design, please contact us before placing an order, to determine if it’s possible to convert your design into single-colour, and whether any additional charges will apply. You’ll need to provide an editable file in order for us to be able to adjust the colours, such as an AI or EPS.

How detailed can my stamp design be?

Our stamp-making process can achieve excellent, precise results, even with very detailed designs. Please ensure that all lines in your design are no less than 1pt (around 0.4mm thickness) when your design is scaled to the required size. If you have any questions on how your design will work as a stamp, feel free to contact us prior to placing an order.

How do you size my design?

Once your order is received, our standard process it to proportionally scale your design to fit the height and/or width (whichever is reached first) specified for the stamp size you’ve chosen. Our measurements refer to the printable area of your stamp, any white space surrounding your design is removed. We’ll always maintain the original proportions of your artwork, so your design may not fully fit both the maximum height and width specified. Once your stamp is produced, we’ll mount it on the most appropriately sized timber block.

How do I choose my stamp size?

This comes down to personal choice and will be based on what you’ll be stamping, and the size you’d like your print to appear on your surface. Always consider how your design will appear when scaled to your chosen stamp size. For example, a very detailed or text-heavy design may not be appropriate when reduced down to a Small stamp size (3cm).
If in doubt, contact us with your design prior to placing your order and we can advise.

Can I see a proof of my stamp design?

Of course! When you place your order, tick the box “Please provide a proof before producing my stamp”. We’ll email you a proof of your design scaled to your chosen stamp size. Once you approve, we’ll go ahead and produce your stamp. Keep in mind that this may impact on the quoted turnaround time, as we won’t start production until you have approved the proof.

What kind of design cannot be uploaded?

Designs should only be uploaded that you created or control all necessary rights to, and this is your responsibility. We do not accept artwork which may be considered offensive e.g. violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive images.

I still have more questions!

No problem, feel free to contact us with any specific questions – we’re happy to advise you prior to placing an order.


Shipping costs are based on weight and size of your order, and are calculated at checkout.

We ship all orders through Australia Post and offer regular Parcel Post or Express Post. 

Please note that selecting Express Post ensures your order is moved through the postal service quickly via Australia Post, it doesn’t mean production time will be any quicker.

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