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We’re a family-run business that finds immense joy in creating business tools that are both accessible and aesthetic. For us, it’s a privilege to take all the parts that make up your business – the hard work, purpose and grit – and represent it through a simple, sustainable and custom tool.

This is your brand, out there for the world to see.

It takes a small business to know a small business.

Hey, we’re Bec and Simon, the husband and wife team behind Woodruff and Co.  

What led us here? For the most part, it was our background in marketing and our geeky love for all things branding and design. But the defining moment came to us in 2015 when we stumbled upon a common problem: custom packaging was expensive. But not just expensive, it was inflexible and inaccessible for so many small businesses.

So, we created a range of versatile, custom and affordable tools that gives all businesses the chance to create a brand presence they’re proud of.

Today, despite being one of Australia’s leading suppliers of custom stamps, we remain a small, family-run business – entirely by choice. When you place an order, we’re the ones who check your artwork, provide guidance on your design, pack your tools and answer your emails. Because we believe it takes a small business to know a small business.

“I could tell I was chatting with a human and not just receiving a generated reply. Knowing they were made locally is a huge plus, and the quality is amazing”

- Rachael S

We’re environmentally conscious. But what does that even mean?

Truth is, everything we do has impact.

So to us, being environmentally conscious means we do the best we can within the systems we play in. It means we make sound environmental choices, wherever possible. It means that when we’re presented with several choices, we take the route that does the least amount of harm, so long as it’s financially possible. It’s a tough balancing act, but one we’re wholly committed to.

Knowing that, here are a few ways we’re doing the best we can…

  • We use compostable and recyclable materials where available
  • Where possible, we use soy-based ink, which is kinder to the environment than the petroleum-based alternative
  • Our paper and hardwood are sourced from FSC certified sustainable forests
  • Sourcing materials and assembling them in Australia will always be our first choice
  • Our custom stamps are made to last, for you and the planet

Finally, we understand being environmentally conscious isn’t a box to tick. We’re committed to continually learning, improving and evolving – and supporting businesses that are doing the same. Thanks for joining us for the ride.

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