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Custom stamps in a range of sizes and types. Rubber stamps are a versatile option that can be used on almost any surface, while pre-inked stamps deliver a sharp image on flat, porous surfaces and are super convenient for higher volumes. Or, create a unique, raised ink-less impression on paper or card stock with a custom embosser. 

What's the difference between a traditional custom stamp and a pre-inked stamp?

Both traditional and pre-inked stamps have their pros and cons. Pre-inked stamps can deliver a very high definition print and are great when you're stamping on to a completely flat surface such as paper or a card. With these types of stamps the ink flows through the text plate of the stamp, so there is no raised lettering or brand logo etc. A traditional stamp  is a great all-rounder and can be used to stamp a range of surfaces that may be uneven such as the round surface of a coffee cup, corrugated cardboard or even cotton bags. Please note that depending on the surface you will achieve very different results.

How are your stamps made?

We use a few different production methods for producing our stamps depending on the intended use. Our traditional custom stamps use either a laser production method or a photopolymer method. The laser process cuts out section of rubber to leave a raised text or logo remaining while the photopolymer approach uses a special light activated resin which when exposed to a high intensity light hardens to form the raised letters. We make our pre-inked stamps with a different method again, using a stamp flash machine which prevents the ink from travelling through non-print areas of a design. 

How long does it take to produce a stamp?

We regularly update our production timings based on the type of stamp you have selected and the number of designs we're working on. You can find the latest estimated production timings here. In general pre-inked stamps are faster to produce than traditional stamps. Please note that production times commence after you have approved your design proof. 

What type of ink should I use?

A great thing about traditional stamps is the amount of flexibility in the type of inks that can be used. If you add an ink pad to your traditional stamp order, we provide a high quality water based ink pad that uses a felt rather than foam pad. This ink pad uses an acid-free and quick-drying archival ink. Your stamp will work with other brands of ink pads, but please ensure the ink used is not solvent or oil based as this will damage the polymer stamp surface. 

What type of custom stamp is best for coffee cups?

For coffee cups we normally recommend a traditional custom stamp as the raised letters work best when applying your logo to the cup in a rolling motion. Our medium size is most popular with cafes, but the size really depends on your design and the type of print you're trying to achieve.

How should I clean my stamp?

Regular cleaning of your stamp is super important to ensure it lasts a long time and delivers a consistent, crisp print. We recommend cleaning after each use with a damp cloth, with warm (not hot) water. You can also use non-alcohol based baby wipes. Ensure you don't use any type of harsh cleaning chemicals on your stamp as this will damage the polymer. When stamping, try to make sure you don't press too hard or excess ink can build up in the backing foam.

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