Coffee cup rubber stamps

coffee cup rubber stamp
Our coffee cup rubber stamps are available in a range of sizes. Stamps are mounted on a sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak hardwood block with a jet black wooden handle. Ideal for use on a range of surfaces including paper, cardboard or unfinished wood.

These sizes refer to the maximum width and height for that particular stamp. We’ll scale your coffee cup stamp artwork proportionally, so it may not fully fill both the width and height. 


Apply your cafe or restaurant’s logo on a range of surfaces including paper, cardboard or untreated wood. Customise anything.
Bring your brand, design or creative project to life with coffee cup rubber stamps.

coffee cup rubber stamp


rubber stamp for coffee cup


Sizing: We recommend a 'Medium' (max 5x5cm) stamp for most designs on 8oz, 12oz and 16oz cups. For best results, ensure the cup you're stamping has a plain / non-printed surface. 

Vectorizing magic

Our vectorizing software automagically converts raster files into a production-ready, black and white vector file. Upload almost any design and have it converted to a black and white scalable vector file to ensure a super crisp stamp impression.

Sustainable production

Wherever possible, we use recycled recycled or sustainably sourced materials in production. We recycle magazines to protect your stamp in transit. And, the Tasmanian Oak hardwood used for our stamp mounts is certified by Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) and the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

High quality production

All stamps are handmade using tried and true stamp production methods, with high quality photopolymer rubber. A custom rubber stamps is as useful now, as when they were invented by James Orton Woodruff in (around) 1864. Our stamps are mounted to a timber block using an adhesive rubber foam backing for a reliable image transfer.

Affordable branding solution

Forget minimum order quantities for customised packaging. Whether you’re a small businesses, or are working on a creative project, a custom rubber stamp makes an impression applying your design to a range of surfaces, at a fraction of the cost of printed packaging. 

Possible uses

There’s no shortage of possible uses for a custom rubber stamp. Your coffee cup rubber stamps can also be used for on paper bags, takeaway boxes or other non-treated paper surfaces.

Product details

Ink colors: Black, blue, green and red

Ideal surfaces: Paper, cardstock, cardboard and unfinished wood

Uses: Over 1,000 impressions

Features: Tasmanian Oak hardwood block with jet black wooden handle

Highest quality

All products are produced using the latest equipment and technology to deliver the highest quality results.

Australian made

We’re an Australian businesses that manufactures locally. Wherever possible we use other Australian suppliers and products.

We're for small business

We’re striving to make things easier, faster and better for small business owners.


Upload your design and create your coffee cup rubber stamp.