10 ways to use cotton bags for packaging

10 ways to use cotton bags for packaging-Woodruff and Co

EDIT: we no longer offer cotton drawstring bags, but there are plenty of suppliers who do, and we still think they're a great packaging option! 

Drawstring cotton bags are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional packaging materials. Not only are they a great packaging tool, they also double as a functional item. Your customers can hold onto them and re-use, leaving a lasting impression of your brand.

Whether you stamp them with your logo, or leave them plain, cotton bags are super versatile and can be used in many different ways. Here’s ten ways you can use drawstring cotton bags.

Health and Beauty

Handmade soaps, essential oils, cosmetics – many health and beauty items fit perfectly with the aesthetic of a cotton bag. It also provides a protective layer between your product and your outer packaging materials, such as your shipping box or mailer.


A cotton bag won’t protect your glass items from breaking in transit, but they will keep them from being scuffed or dusty from cardboard and void fill materials. Pop in candles, food items or other bottles or jars into a bag before you add your protective items like bubble wrap, butchers paper or tissue paper.

Stationary items

Notebooks, zines and other stationery goods can feel more inviting with tactile cotton bags acting as a liner inside your mailer.


Products like wallets, headbands, bow-ties, socks – can be tricky to package. Give yourself a break, and use a cotton bag.


Cotton bags are perfect for jewellery, both for packaging and for storage. After your customer receives your pieces, they can use the bag again to store at home, or as a travel case.

Baby goods

Cotton drawstring bags are a beautiful, tactile option for packaging baby goods like teethers, rattles, apparel and shoes. It also provides an attractive outer layer – which means they’re great for customers who are gifting your products.


Finding the right packaging solution for small items like tea towels, candles, wall hooks or desk accessories can be tricky. No longer! A drawstring cotton bag is a clever solution for awkwardly shaped items.


Our cotton bags are available in sizes up to A4 (29 x 21cm) so try shipping your apparel in a soft drawstring pouch! It makes a nice inner lining for products like t-shirts or swimwear.

Bits and pieces

Drawstring bags are great at holding odds and ends that might otherwise be lost amongst tissue paper or other packaging materials. Enamel pins, small earrings, key rings and small gift items have a lovely home inside a cotton bag.

Kits and sets

Keep game sets, DIY kits, Christmas decorations together in a permanent storage solution that can also be an additional selling point for your brand.


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