Introducing our new business: Peninsula House Numbers

Introducing our new business: Peninsula House Numbers

A little while back, Simon and I launched a new business baby!

It's called Peninsula House Numbers, and here's a little bit of the story so far...

We've been gradually renovating our mid-century home since moving in several years ago. You can check out our progress over on Instagram if you like]. One element we always wanted to improve, both at our current home and our last, is the letterbox and the house numbers.

But - trying to source high quality house numbers that were of higher quality and more interesting than the offerings at major hardware stores proved to be more difficult than expected. So, we embarked on the journey of designing and manufacturing our own. As is often the case, the business was born as a result of a personal challenge, and in 2022 Peninsula House Numbers officially launched. 

We offer custom-made, high quality house numbers and house number signs using 8mm thick aluminium, in a range of fonts, sizes and powder coat finishes. Super easy to install, you can choose from either a flush or a floating mount, giving a clean look with no exposed screws. As with Woodruff and Co, our products are designed and manufactured locally in Melbourne.

Peninsula House Numbers is still young but growing quickly! We're enthusiastic about the category and in being able to offer a high quality, designer product to home renovators such as ourselves, as well as  architects, interior designers and landscape architects.

You can check out the business here and on Instagram here.

Wish us luck! 
Bec + Simon

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