Product Update: saying goodbye to some products

Product Update: saying goodbye to some products-Woodruff and Co

Effective today we’re discontinuing the following products:

  • Cotton drawstring bags, in all sizes
  • Plain reinforced paper tape

There are two key reasons for this change:

  1. As a small business, we found that holding sufficient stock of these products was becoming a logistical and financial challenge, with inventory needing to be purchased in bulk and funded upfront.
  2. We feel that we can add more value for our customers by producing custom tools and supplies, rather than low value stock items. Stock packaging similar to the above is offered by a wide variety of suppliers, many of which you may find locally to help reduce shipping costs and carbon emissions.

We understand many of our customers may be disappointed by this decision. Rest assured it was not an easy choice, and something we have been considering for quite some time. Ultimately, we feel the right business decision to focus our energy on bespoke custom tools and supplies.

If you’re looking for alternative options to the above products, here are some suggestions:

  • Cotton drawstring bags: for small quantities we love Thou Art Lovely, a Melbourne-based business offering handmade linen and calico bags, made to order. For larger quantities, QIS Packaging is an Australian business offering a comparable product in a large range of sizes, and with incredible customer service!

Thank you for understanding. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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