Small business spotlight: Boots Paper

Small business spotlight: Boots Paper-Woodruff and Co

We are big fans of Boots Paper – a minimalist, unpretentious, high quality paper goods label operating since June 2016. With products stocked in retail outlets across Australia, and online, Boots Paper offer stationery essentials like journals, notepads, gift tags, greeting cards, as well as some more unique items such as choose-your-own-greeting correspondence cards, and beautiful internally printed kraft envelopes.

Before Boots Paper, owner Brenner worked as a photographer shooting weddings in the warmer months and actors during the cooler months – a skill that is clearly evident in the stunning photography on the Boots Paper website and Instagram feed!

boots paper custom rubber stamp

Can you tell us a little about how Boots Paper started?

I’ve always been a stationery addict. I’m that Gen Y person who sends actual physical birthday cards to friends, and trawls op shops for writing sets and retro airmail envelopes. I started designing my own stationery when pink fuchsia and silver foiled typography hit the market. Suddenly I couldn’t find any cards I wanted to give to my friends. I immediately started designing my own range. I figured there would be others out there who wanted quiet timeless stationery.

boots paper custom packaging

What are some of the tools you use to run your business?

There are many – computer, wacom, scanner, paint brushes, watercolour paint, 35mm film camera, digital camera (phone and 5D MkII), grey led pencils, fineliners, professional offset printers, paper merchants… and the worlds fattest notebook for scribbling down ideas! The only app I use is Instagram.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in running your business?

This is a hard question to answer as I feel all the challenges I have faced have been wildly educational, enriching, and rewarding. I just don’t see them as negatives. The ride has certainly been filled with sleepless nights, anxious moments, and admissions of making mistakes, but with each hiccup I become better informed and better able to navigate situations in future.

boots paper custom stamp

And your biggest achievement?

Having happy customers! With every single sale that comes in, there is a sense of soul-smiling achievement.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to other small businesses?

Put yourself in your customers shoes every single time you make a decision.

What’s next for Boots Paper?

We’ve had Naomi Bulger join the team as our in-house illustrator. Naomi will be creating all of our painted illustrative works, and provides insight into the revolutionary slow living art of letter writing. We’re in the depths of working on our next range, which will include new products as well as new designs. And we’re branching out into retail stores world wide, to ensure Boots Paper is accessible to everyone. Basically, we’re growing up. We’re just 7 months old. We’re building strong foundations and finding our peeps.

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