Tips for seasonal packaging

Tips for seasonal packaging-Woodruff and Co

With less than 100 days until Christmas, right now is the time to be planning for how you can get into the spirit and make your products feel like a present. A great way to do this is to add some seasonal touches to your packaging in the lead up.

There are several ways you can do this, depending on your budget and volume of parcels. We’ve compiled our top tips for creating holiday packaging that packs a punch [and won’t break the bank].

Seasonal packaging on a budget

There’s no need to completely overhaul your packaging to incorporate the holidays. There are plenty of low cost options that allow you to add a festive touch to your packaging over the holiday season. Take advantage of suppliers with low MOQs to avoid large amounts of un-usable packaging materials once the festive period is over, or DIY as you go. 

Custom tissue paper is a beautiful, branded option to use in your packaging, and can double as gift wrap. If custom tissue paper is outside your budget, try a DIY version using a custom stamp and plain tissue, kraft or butchers paper. 

Packaging accessories like stickers and stamps are a low cost, efficient way low-to zhush up packaging. Use a custom sticker with a seasonal design [or make your own with paper stickers or labels and a custom stamp]. A stamp can also be used on shipping boxes, swing tags, packing slips or to make your own Christmas cards or themed thank you notes for outgoing orders. 

Custom paper packing tape with seasonal messaging or illustrations is another great way to bring some holiday fun to your parcels. Our custom paper packing tape can be tape printed with your design with no minimum order quantity - so it won’t blow the budget, and will give your outgoing orders a lovely seasonal touch.

Keep it sustainable

It’s no secret that Christmas is responsible for a huge amount of waste. Packaging is a big contributor to this, as many elements, like some wrapping paper, ribbon, cellophane and soft plastics can’t be recycled. Add to this that online shopping is at an all-time high, with ongoing lockdowns throughout the global pandemic giving consumers no choice but to change our shopping behaviour - it's driven an increase of over 30 per cent of online shopping, year-on-year to June 2021 according to Australia Post’s 2021 Inside Online Shopping eCommerce report]. More packaging = more waste! 

Consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever, and are seeking out brands who are adopting reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging. This is no less important consideration for seasonal packaging, so be sure to keep it as low-impact as possible to play your part in reducing packaging to landfill. There are plenty of suppliers offering compostable mailers [we like Better Packaging Co’s super cute Christmas comPOST packs], and choose paper and cardboard over plastic packaging wherever possible. 

Not only are these the choices of a responsible business, your customers will thank you for it. 

Stay on brand

Holiday packaging is definitely the time to have some fun with your design. But, while it can be tempting to try out a new style, there’s a risk of confusing your customers if you stray too far from your brand's look and feel. Depending on what you sell, there’s also a higher chance your products will be gifted. When your brand is introduced to a new customer, you want to be sure they’re left with a strong impression of who you are, and where to find you for future purchases.

Seasonal packaging should complement and strengthen your existing brand identity, so be sure to keep it consistent. You can do this by using your existing brand colours [or add a contemporary Christmas colour that complements it] or add festive illustrations or messaging in your brand style or font.


Seasonal packaging is a great marketing strategy to help your business stay relevant during a period of high competition. Take advantage of suppliers with low MOQs or use packaging accessories like a stamp or stickers, or a roll of custom paper tape to add a festive touch - without over investing. Use sustainable materials wherever you can, and make sure your seaonsal design is consistent with your brand look and feel.

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