Margaret's Mushrooms use of rubber stamps for custom packaging

Margaret's Mushrooms using rubber stamps-Woodruff and Co

Margaret's Mushrooms is a suburban micro fungi farm, growing gourmet and medicinal fungi for their community.

A custom rubber stamp was the only outright investment I made re marketing/packaging for my little business. I stamp 100% post-consumer recycled paper bags and locally sourced biodegradable punnets too. I also repurpose cereal boxes etc into business cards and information tags for retail products.


What are your tips for designing for rubber stamps?

When if comes to designing your custom stamp, consider the depth and detail of your logo, can you simplify it to ensure the important content is the focus and is clearly read in this medium? If not - is this product the best fit for you? Or would another personalised product serve you better? If you opt for a rubber stamp, take care of your stamp and it will continue to give you great results in yrs to come!

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custom rubber stamp packaging

Instagram: @margarets_mushrooms

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