How the Little Potion Co create magical potion with the help of custom stamps

custom stamps on cotton bag

The Little Potion Co creates magical potion play kits that encourage positivity and self-belief. Fizzing, sparkling, nature based ingredients are mixed together to make magic that can really come true for young children. Including affirmations, words and intentions, The Little Potion Co's mindful potion kits are a fresh and modern take on potion play. 

We use our Woodruff and Co stamps to stamp our different ingredient names onto the backs of our cotton bags. We also use the stamps to emboss our different illustrations into polymer clay for our magical potion stone amulets that come in our kits.

The Little Potion Co recommend thinking outside of the box for different ways to use the stamps!

Using the stamps for polymer clay is a bit unusual but it works really well for us. The team at Woodruff and Co were really helpful answering all our questions in the beginning. We also recommend ordering extra ink pads and ink refills if you use the stamps a lot like we do!

The Little Potion Co owners
custom stamp on cotton bag
litial potion stamped products
polymer clay stamp

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  • Bronwyn Seiden

    Thanks for some great ideas team. I have a granddaughter in New York& I’m always looking for different ideas for gifts fir her. 😀👌

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