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Custom Rubber Stamp
Custom Rubber Stamp - Woodruff and Co
Custom Rubber Stamp - Woodruff and Co

Custom Rubber Stamp

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  • Ships in 3 weeks or less from artwork proof approval

Custom rubber stamp available in a range of sizes. Our traditional stamps are handmade, and come mounted on a sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak hardwood block with a black wooden handle. Ideal for use on a range of surfaces including paper, cardboard or unfinished wood. Designed to be used with an ink pad.

Measurements refer to the maximum dimensions for that particular stamp size - your design need not match these proportions exactly. If you need a specific size, please include dimensions in the notes. Otherwise, we'll scale your design proportionally to fit the maximum area possible for your chosen size. 

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    Vectorizing magic
    Our vectorizing software automagically converts raster files into a production-ready, black and white vector file. Upload almost any design and have it converted to a black and white scalable vector file to ensure a super crisp stamp impression.
    Sustainable production
    Wherever possible, we use recycled recycled or sustainably sourced materials for production. The Tasmanian Oak hardwood used for our stamps is sourced from FSC Certified sustainable forests.
    High quality production
    All stamps are handmade using tried and true stamp production methods, with high quality photopolymer rubber. A custom rubber stamp is as useful now, as when they were invented by James Orton Woodruff, back in the 1860's. Our stamps are mounted to a timber block using an adhesive rubber foam backing for a reliable image transfer.
    Affordable branding solution
    Forget minimum order quantities for customised packaging. Whether you’re a small businesses or working on a creative project, a custom rubber stamp makes an impression applying your design to a range of surfaces, at a fraction of the cost of printed packaging.

    TIP: For best results upload high resolution, black and white artwork.

    Please ensure your artwork meets the below specifications. We'll let you know if there are problems with the design - but be aware that providing artwork that doesn't meet the below specs will delay the turnaround time. After you place an order we'll send you a digital artwork proof for you to approve. 

    1. Original vector artwork [saved as ai, eps or pdf] is preferred. If this isn't available, a high-resolution image in a common image file format [jpg or png] and at least 500px wide or high will also work.
    2. If you're providing a vector file, please ensure all fonts are converted to outlines before you upload.
    3. Provide your design in single colour [black only]. A stamp cannot achieve multiple colours, shading or texture.
    4. Avoid uploading screenshots, photographs or very small or pixelated images, and keep your file size to a maximum of 5mb, so we don't break the internet!
    5. For best results, keep your design simple, with bold lines and high contrast between black and white. Each element of your design needs to have a line weight of at least 1pt (or 0.35mm) when scaled to your desired size, including any white lines / negative spaces.
    6. We don't recommend reversed artwork of white detail or text on black unless the detail is very bold. Fine lines will not hold up in reverse and are likely to bleed together. 
    7. Avoid large areas of negative space within your design, as it can be easy to pick up ink in these areas and you'll end up with ink where it shouldn't be in your print.
    8. As a guide, any text should be no smaller than 3mm high [or equivalent to Arial 10pt] with letters spaced well apart. We'll do our best to advise if your text is too small, however ultimately this decision is yours to make. 
    9. You must own the rights, or have permission to reproduce the image you upload. 
    10. Use our template to help you design to size and be sure you're selecting an appropriate stamp size for your design.

    Art dimensions
    Extra Small: Max 30x30mm
    Small: Max 30x50mm
    Medium: Max 50x50mm
    Large: Max 40x80mm
    Extra Large: Max 60x100mm

    Ink colours
    Black, blue, green and red

    Ideal surfaces
    Paper, cardstock, cardboard and unfinished wood

    Over 1,000 impressions

    Tasmanian Oak hardwood block with jet black wooden handle

    Shipping costs are based on weight and size of your order, and are calculated at checkout.

    We ship all orders through Australia Post and offer regular Parcel Post or Express Post. 

    Please note that selecting Express Post ensures your order is moved through the postal service quickly via Australia Post, it doesn’t mean production time will be any quicker.

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