Creative ways to use custom stamps in your small business

custom stamps for small business

Thanks to COVID, many of us are receiving more parcels from online purchases than ever, and packaging for any business selling products online is more important than ever.

Adding even just a little bit of personality to your packages can spark excitement around what's inside.

So, how do you make your packaging stand out? And as a small business, how do you bring your brand to life in an affordable, but impactful way?

Enter the humble stamp. Customised, sustainable and low-cost, a custom rubber stamp or pre-inked custom stamps can add some punch to your packaging. But they can also do much more than simply add your logo to a box. A stamp is an oh-so versatile tool. One stamp = endless possibilities! Custom rubber stamps may have been around for more than a hundred years, but they remain a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your packaging, and elevate your brand.

Whether you’re an established business, or just starting out, here’s some ways you could use custom stamps in your small business.

Customise your packaging with custom stamps

Custom stamps give your the ability to make your mark on almost any surface, to instantly add personality and increase brand recall. If you're a small business or just starting, there's no need to spend big on custom printed packaging - instead,  opt for plain stock packaging materials [eBay and many other suppliers offer great stock packaging with very low, or no, minimum order], grab a stamp and make them your own! A little bit of ink can transform plain boxes into beautiful, branded packaging.

Shipping boxes, paper bags, kraft or tissue paper, coffee cups, fabric bags and more can all be personalised with a stamp [check our an article we wrote for for more tips and ideas for hand-stamped packaging]. 

Communicate important information

Custom stamps aren’t just for logos, you can also use them to communicate details to your customers like instructions for postage handling, labelling your product variants, your return address or your social media handles.

Create branded collateral

Purchasing professionally printed brand collateral [think gift cards, thank you cards, swing tags and business cards] simply doesn't make sense for some small businesses - particularly if you only use these things occasionally. The good news is that these can be DIY’d with stamps and some blank card stock.

Brand your products

A custom stamp can be a great way to add branding to a handmade product. Rubber stamps can be used to make your mark on almost anything - from clothing, timber, polymer clay to concrete and more! Just be sure to do some research on the right type of ink to use for the surface you plan to stamp.

Add a personal touch

There’s no doubt that a stamped print adds a personal touch like no other. A rustic, imperfect hand-printed design shows that you’ve taken love and care with both the product and the packaging. Stamping a thank you or little note inside your packaging is sure to put a smile on your customer's face.

Not Just For Brands

Don’t have a business? Custom stamps can be used for lots of personal uses too. Think book stamps, monograms, return address, party invitations, and a million other uses. In our opinion, rustic and handmade are always in fashion, and stamps 100% deliver on this aesthetic.

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