custom stamps creative uses

Creative Uses for Custom Rubber Stamps There are so many fun, creative things you can do with custom rubber stamps. The opportunities for a day of arts and crafts are literally endless! Experimenting using rubber stamps is always fun and can help bring more creativity into the simple items randomly laying around the home. It’s...

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custom rubber stamp fabric

There are many different techniques to keep in mind and use when using custom rubber stamps on fabric. When using custom rubber stamps on fabric, be careful to ensure the ink doesn’t become blotchy or bleed. If you’re planning to use ink stamps on fabric for your next big project, try following the techniques listed...

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custom rubber stamp history

The humble custom rubber stamp has been with us for a long time. While the continued use of stamps has been enduring, the origins are dubious. As to the first actual use of a rubber stamp… it’s fair to say there’s some room for debate. Yet, no matter which person you credit for creating the custom rubber...

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