Custom rubber stamps – creative uses

custom stamps creative uses

Creative Uses for Custom Rubber Stamps

There are so many fun, creative things you can do with stamps. The opportunities for a day of arts and crafts are literally endless! Experimenting using rubber stamps is always fun and can help bring more creativity into the simple items randomly laying around the home. It’s an easy way to add more colour to our everyday lives. If you’re looking to have more fun and figure out creative uses for rubber stamps, then you’re in the right place.

Giving a Stamp Gift

Have you ever thought about giving custom rubber stamps for a gift? A stamp gift given to a loved one is something that is fun, creative, and definitely comes from the heart. Options can range from the the practical, such as a return address rubber stamp, to the creative such as a vectorised picture of a friend. If you’re familiar with design software, you could consider creating a custom ‘Thank you from ‘. Alternatively, a hand drawn and vectorised ‘Congratulations’ stamp.

Homemade Wrapping Paper

Store bought wrapping paper is pretty ho-hum… Creating your own wrapping paper with a custom rubber stamp is not only easy, but also affordable. It only involves a few steps.

custom stamps

All you need is some plain wrapping paper or tissue paper, cutting tools, rubber stamps and ink. Always select ink designed for a range of paper surfaces such as our archival dye ink pads. With the wrong ink, images can smudge and the results may disappoint.

Handmade Custom Rubber Stamps for Invitations

If you’re looking to have a unique twist on party or wedding invitations, then why not incorporate some stamps into the mix? Pinterest provides many creative ideas when it comes to using rubber stamps on homemade invitations.
You’ll need an ink that is specific to the type of paper that you will be using, so talk to someone at your local craft store to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need.
If you’re creating wedding invitations, custom bride and groom image stamps can be made to add a special, personal touch to them, and always look super cute. For parties, try stamps with strong icons that are keeping with your party theme. Anything goes when it comes to rubber stamps!

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