Product update: Poly tape

Product update: Poly tape-Woodruff and Co

Effective from July, we’re discontinuing our poly tape products, including the following:

  • Custom printed poly tape
  • Botanical poly tape
  • Fragile poly tape
  • Poly tape dispenser

The reason we’ve made this decision is an environmental one. Traditional poly tape is a single-use plastic and we don’t want to continue to play a part in this global problem. 

In 2019, we launched water-activated paper packing tape, as a more sustainable alternative to traditional poly [plastic] packing tape, and we’ve seen it become increasingly popular across many businesses. We started with low volume customised paper tape, and now offer a full range of options including plain paper tape, customised, [super-cute] pre-designed paper tapes and more recently we’ve been able to introduce a bulk paper tape option for a customised product in larger quantities. 

We know that those of you using poly tape as part of your packaging may be disappointed by this news. We’d encourage you to explore whether more sustainable options may be suitable for your needs. We offer free paper tape samples to anyone considering our bulk paper tape product, you can order one here. Check out our blog post: Why should I choose water activated tape (WAT)? for more info if you're thinking about making the switch.

Our pre-designed range of poly tapes are still available to purchase [and are currently on sale], however once remaining stock is sold, we won’t be producing them any further. 

Thank you for understanding. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us.

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