Product update: we've changed the way we produce rubber stamps

Product update: we've changed the way we produce rubber stamps-Woodruff and Co

Recently we made a change to the production process of our traditional rubber stamps: from a photopolymer process to laser-cut rubber.

We were experiencing an increasing level of production issues with polymer due to a high level of variables in the process, which often resulted in the need to re-produce some stamps multiple times [at our own cost] in order to achieve a satisfactory result.

In addition, photopolymer stamp production in Australia is limited, and requires materials made only overseas and that have become difficult to source. During the pandemic, a core material was [without warning] discontinued, which meant that production of photopolymer stamps was no longer possible.

There are many benefits with the new process, including higher definition and accuracy [particularly of small text and fine detail], speed of production, and importantly - consistency of results.

Rubber stamps are slightly more shallow than polymer stamps, and are grey in colour, where polymer stamps are clear. Apart from these minor differences, our new production process has had no other impact and the same outcomes can be achieved - in fact we believe, even better!

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