Six reasons to switch to paper packing tape

Six reasons to switch to paper packing tape-Woodruff and Co

When it comes to sealing your boxes for shipping, you essentially have two choices: paper (water-activated gummed tape) or plastic (poly packing tape).

Gummed paper tape is quickly becoming popular (Amazon delivery, anyone?) and has a number of qualities going for it that might make it the right choice for your brand. Here are six reasons you might consider making the switch.

1. It’s super strong. Contrary to what you might think, it’s actually stronger than traditional poly packing tape – our custom paper packing tape can secure boxes holding up to 15kg of weight. The magic of paper tape is in the water-activated adhesive that creates a permanent bond with your box. It also can handle extreme temperatures, meaning your boxes won’t come unstuck in hot or humid conditions, or in the freezer.

2. It’s better for the environment. This one is a no-brainer, but an important consideration. Water-activated tape is made with paper and a vegetable-based, water-activated adhesive, making it naturally biodegradable, 100% recyclable, and a sustainable alternative to poly packing tape.

3. It looks goooood. In our humble opinion, paper tape is batting above average in the looks department. It comes in natural kraft or white colour (so you can match your tape to your box colour) and has a nice, smooth finish – no unsightly wrinkles here!

4. It’s more secure. Paper tape forms a permanent bond with the cardboard fibres of your shipping box, which means it’s almost impossible to tamper with (and completely obvious if it has been).

5. No sticky tape rage. No obnoxious screeching when you unroll your paper tape! And, never again will you end up in a hot sweaty mess trying to find the end of the roll. Ahhhh.

6. You can customise paper tape, with no minimum order. The best bit! You can order our custom paper tape printed with your logo or design in as little as just ONE roll. If you’re stuck for design ideas, head to our Pinterest board for some inspiration!


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  • Rick

    Hi Guys, Just purchased your poly tape. Love the idea of the paper tape. Just not sure on how easy to apply to cartons and larger pallet type shipments

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