Small business spotlight: Pappus Jewellery

Small business spotlight: Pappus Jewellery-Woodruff and Co

Pappus jewellery (the word ‘pappus’ comes from the dandelion’s seed, it expresses freedom, growth, creativity and direction) is a Sydney based brand, and came about through owner Lenka’s passion for accessories and jewellery. With a love for all things handmade – in particular jewellery making – in 2014 Lenka began hand selecting pieces from Latin America and worked closely with amazing artists to design her own unique pieces reflecting the culture and community that assisted in its creation. Inspired by travel, nature and textures, Lenka now has her own line of colourful macramé and gemstone jewellery – one of kind pieces that have a story, for one to admire and cherish.

Juggling (aren’t we all!) running a small business with a part-time job, Lenka runs Pappus Jewellery from her little home studio. Pappus jewellery can be found online and occasionally at local events.

Pappus Jewellery

What are some of the tools you use to run your business?

I use several online tools to run my business. From Facebook and Instagram (it allows me to advertise and provide a taste of my products), to etsy (it is a great platform for any starting up business). One of the most important and fun tool in my business is a rubber stamp! And I have a couple now! I love playing with my rubber stamps to create really cool and unique ideas that fit the personality of my brand, and it allows me to add a personal touch to my branding and packaging.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in running your business?

Managing my time wisely and simultaneously managing another career.

Pappus Jewellery

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to other small businesses?

Look at every interaction as a networking opportunity. You never know when a business opportunity will present itself. Beginnings are always messy but I know how important it is to be authentic to yourself and be willing to take risks.

What’s next for Pappus jewellery?

Keep working hard, as Pappus jewellery is in the process of offering new and refreshing twist to the ordinary.

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