Small business spotlight: Pappus Jewellery-Woodruff and Co

Pappus jewellery (the word ‘pappus’ comes from the dandelion’s seed, it expresses freedom, growth, creativity and direction) is a Sydney based brand, and came about through owner Lenka’s passion for accessories and jewellery. With a love for all things handmade – in particular jewellery making – in 2014 Lenka began hand selecting pieces from Latin...

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coffee cup rubber stamp

Stamping coffee cups with your custom rubber stamp is a simple and effective way of generating brand awareness. Applying your logo to a basic coffee cup with coffee cup stamps is an inexpensive form of advertising since it can be performed by yourself of your staff in-house, in between serving customers. Blank coffee cups typically cost...

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custom rubber stamp fabric

There are many different techniques to keep in mind and use when using custom rubber stamps on fabric. When using custom rubber stamps on fabric, be careful to ensure the ink doesn’t become blotchy or bleed. If you’re planning to use ink stamps on fabric for your next big project, try following the techniques listed...

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