Why should I choose water activated tape (WAT)?-Woodruff and Co
Water activated paper packing tape [or the industry-term WAT] has been used overseas for many years. In Australia however it's a relatively new packaging alternative that's rapidly growing in popularity. We've attempted to detail below some of the benefits of using...
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Meet the designer: Emma Winton-Woodruff and Co
Emma Winton is Scotland-born, Darwin-raised and Melbourne-based graphic designer and illustrator. She designed our super fun Confetti water activated paper packing tape. We discovered Emma on Instagram a while back, and we adore this fun, graphical paper tape design! Click here...
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Cody Wood paper tape
Cody Wood is a freelance illustrator from Brisbane, and designed our super cute Happy Days water activated paper packing tape. We've long been fans of Cody's playful illustrations and whimsical characters, and we love the positive messages that this paper tape...
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custom rubber stamp

While using a rubber stamp seems simple, it can be surprisingly tricky to achieve good, consistent results, particularly with more detailed stamp designs.

Here are our tips for getting the best from your traditional rubber stamp.

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