How Sisu Botanicals use an embosser to create beautiful labels

custom foil stickers on glass

Sisu Botanicals source organic botanicals to create small batch herbal teas, tincture, ritual products/packs and other wellness goods.

Locally sourced and 100% grown without the use of chemicals. The brand is focused on the idea that we can create ritual around self-nurture and a sacred space where we can escape and return. 

custom embossing sticker on glass jar

Sisu Botanicals use custom paper tape for their care packs and ritual packs. They also use a paper embosser and foil embossing stickers in gold to create labels for their glass packaging, and also to emboss paper labels for teas and candles. 

We found talking to Woodruff and Co via email really helpful in getting our tape looking perfect and helping choose stamps for the future.

Instagram: @sisubotanicals 

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