Rascals Treats use of rubber stamps and paper tape for packaging

Rascals Treats rubber stamp and paper tape for packaging-Woodruff and Co

Rascals Treats offers a unique product range of dog treats that are plant based made with fresh and healthy human grade ingredients. Rascals Treats are suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds; including those with allergies or underlying conditions.

All of Rascals Treats products are low in fat, free from grains, nuts and preservatives, and are made with fresh and healthy human grade ingredients that provide dogs with protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are treats that satisfy both doggos and owners!

With Rascals Treats owners can feel comfortable that they are spoiling their dog with a healthy, ethical, sustainable and delicious treat.

Rascals Treats use Woodruff and Co custom rubber stamps plus custom water activated paper tape for their packaging.

We love our rubber stamp! We use it to stamp our cartons that go out to our stockists. The cartons look amazing and we haven't had to spend heaps on printing costs.


We all have different stamping techniques from tapping to rocking and always get a great result. So easy to design through Woodruff & Co.

paper tape and custom stamp
custom packaging box rubber stamp


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