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coffee cup rubber stamp

Stamping coffee cups with your custom rubber stamp is a simple and effective way of generating brand awareness. Applying your logo to a basic coffee cup with coffee cup stamps is an inexpensive form of advertising since it can be performed by yourself of your staff in-house, in between serving customers. Blank coffee cups typically cost less than cups featuring your coffee supplier’s brand. What’s more, it’s mobile advertising when your customer takes the cup with them.


coffee cup stamps

Instructions for applying coffee cup stamps

Applying coffee cup stamps on a curved surface is easy, but takes a bit of practice to get the motion right. The key is to have the surface of the stamp touching the cup only a portion at a time.

To do this:
1. Ink your coffee cup stamps with your chosen ink (archival ink is a good choice).
2. Place the left edge of your stamp against the surface of the cup that you want to stamp. The right edge of the stamp will be away from the cup at an angle.
3. Carefully rock the stamp from left to right over the surface of the cup as smoothly as possible so that the stamp is applied evenly to the cup.
4. Set the cup out to let the ink dry. Your applied coffee cup stamp may be prone to smudging at this point, so exercise caution!
5. Repeat the process for every cup you want to stamp.
It’s as simple as that. By applying your rubber stamp in this method, the stamp is applied to the curved surface of the cup. All it takes is a roll of the wrist. In no time, you’ll have your brand on every coffee cup that your business uses.

Things to remember

Here are a few tips when using your rubber stamp on a coffee cup:

  • Don’t over ink the stamp.
  • Keep the cup still and move the stamp- This allows you to control the pressure applied to the stamp.
  • Make your rocking motion smooth so the stamp applies evenly.

Using your custom rubber stamps on coffee cups

Using your custom rubber stamp on your coffee cups is an easy and cost effective way of getting your brand seen. As your customer grabs that coffee cup, your stamp will grab their attention. Just be sure to make the stamp an image that will be remembered. A rubber stamp on a coffee cup- mobile, versatile advertising that you can make yourself.

Image credit: Reuben Whitehouse

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