Using Custom Rubber Stamps On Fabric

custom rubber stamp fabric

There are many different techniques to keep in mind and use when using custom rubber stamps on fabric. When using custom rubber stamps on fabric, be careful to ensure the ink doesn’t become blotchy or bleed. If you’re planning to use ink stamps on fabric for your next big project, try following the techniques listed within this article to ensure that everything comes out perfectly.

The Best Types of Ink to Use on Fabric

Before you can even think about using stamps on fabric, it’s best to get an ink pad designed for fabric. Listed below are some brands of ink that are perfect to use on fabric, especially when you pair them with our custom rubber stamps;

  • VersaCraft
  • Archival Ink
  • Brilliance Ink
  • Dr. Martin’s Craft Fabric Stamping Ink
  • Palette
  • RibbonSmyth
  • Clearsnap
  • Jacquard

There are endless options for fabric ink out there, but always ensure that you are using a trusted brand that will not fade or wash away if and when the fabric needs to be cleaned.

We also carry our own preferred brand of ink, made of the finest quality, acid-free, quick-drying, archival ink, with a felt-made pad to assist in the application of ink across a custom stamp. While this is a great multi purpose ink that can be used on fabric, it’s not a specific fabric ink so will fade if washed.

Techniques for Stamping Ink on Fabric

When stamping on fabric, it’s very easy to slip up and ruin the impression, so learning how to do it properly is the best way to ensure that your stamp comes out as it should each time. To make sure that you come out with an even imagine, do not stamp straight into the ink pad, but lightly dab if you’re using a smaller stamp. If you’re using a larger stamp, however, flip the actual stamp side over and bring the ink pad to it. Next, tap the pad across the stamp lightly until it’s covered completely with the ink.

Before you stamp down on the fabric you’re planning on using, always do a couple of test impressions first to ensure that everything is to your liking, and to see if the amount of ink used will be enough, too much, or if you’ll need to use more. Always iron out your final fabric first before making the impressions, as well.

With the actual fabric, especially when using custom rubber stamps, not industrial ones, always wash and dry it before you use it, and select a tightly woven, flat piece. These pieces have the best results when it comes to fabric stamping, especially cotton fabric and lightly coloured pillowcases.

Using Custom Rubber Stamps on Fabric

Following the proper techniques will ensure that all of your impressions come out perfectly. Just remember to use the right kind of fabric, have a steady, light hand, and always wash and dry your fabrics before use.

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